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"Spedia-NMR gave us rapid and efficient access to the concentration profiles of feed components and metabolites to fine-tune our cell culture process." Bram Bout, CTO at Profibrix

  "Spinnovation collaborated with Merck Sharp & Dohme on the development of NMR assays for biologics."             

Merck Sharp & Dohme

  "The Spedia-NMR™ service brings new insights into our cell lines metabolism which enables us to further optimize its performance." Vivalis.              

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Spinnovation's proprietary NMR platform, Spedia-NMR™ and our large portfolio of analytical technology deliver fast, detailed and cost effective bioanalysis services aimed at supporting the development and manufacture of biologics.

We help you to fully understand and control the cell growth conditions from the very earliest stages of cell line development. Our data shows you the factors that are influencing cell growth and that will ultimately hamper the production of your recombinant drug, so you can optimize protein production effectively.

Our Spedia-NMR™ platform allows us to deliver your cell culture analysis data within 5 working days of receipt of the samples.

Choose from 3 different service models:

Pay Per Sample

Simply choose the number of samples and the number and type of analytes you want analyzed. Get a quote here.

Contract Analysis

If you need large numbers of analyses, perhaps for multiple projects talk to us for a global offer based on project size.

Custom Services

We can tailor our analytical approach to address specific issues in your biologics development or manufacturing program. Talk to us about gaining specialist advice and help.


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