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"Spedia-NMR gave us rapid and efficient access to the concentration profiles of feed components and metabolites to fine-tune our cell culture process." Bram Bout, CTO at Profibrix

  "Spinnovation collaborated with Merck Sharp & Dohme on the development of NMR assays for biologics."             

Merck Sharp & Dohme

  "The Spedia-NMR™ service brings new insights into our cell lines metabolism which enables us to further optimize its performance." Vivalis.              

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Spent Media Analysis With Spedia-NMR™

Spent Media Analysis With Spedia-NMR™

We deliver fast and cost-efficient spent media analysis to support you in the optimization of your upstream processing and cell culture development thanks to our unique and innovative technology Spedia-NMR. It enables to measure over 50 components at a time, such as feed components (e.g. amino acids, glucose), contaminants and metabolites.

We can deliver quantitative data or culture profiling to defined and non-defined media in 5 business days, and our methods are directly in line with FDA Quality by Design policies. We also offer other analysis to address your specific needs.

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For the list of analyzed compounds, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  • Spedia-NMR for mammalian cells system

  • Spedia-NMR for yeast & bacterial system

  • Water-soluble vitamins analysis

  • Elemental and trace metals analysis

  • Ammonia analysis

  • Methanol analysis

  • Surfactant analysis (Pluronic, etc.)




Sample preparation
- Take a sample (1mL is enough to do all the analysis except elemental analysis which requires 1-2mL)
- Centrifuge to remove cells and debris (5min slow + 10min fast)
- Filter on 0.2 micrometer
- Freeze at -20⁰C and send on dry ice to the delivery address


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